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Artist Biography

Currently based in Brooklyn, Wenlu Bao got her MFA of Photographic and Electronic Media in Maryland Institute College of Art. She hugely concentrates on female inner crisis and disorder. The discovery of hidden contradictions under seemingly peaceful life awakens her and anger coming after that partially forms up her inspirations. She is a young artist, whose works has been exhibited around US and China and also been featured by Dazed Beauty. A versatile system has been created based on her original pieces. Her website, wearable or portable creations all work together to narrate, which enables her to enter different aspects of the market.

Artist Statement

Self-portrait and explicit female perspective have always been fundamental elements in my works since the first piece. Compared with showing solicitude for female suffering, I care more about the classification and definition of gender, as well as additional conditions and stubborn stereotypes come with them. Not only do I stare at unequal regulations caused by gender, but I also stay alert for privileges come along. Privileges never appear without the command of giving up more rights and hiding deeper under the shadow of male gaze, which is the issue that I will never stay docile for. Besides morally defective malignance that causes serious physical and mental harm towards the minority, I would also, and would rather kicks against transparent discrimination that is deeply hidden under daily life and is protected by masculine defenses in order to keep privilege of masculinity and tame female into sexual objects and convince them to spontaneously believe that severe gender problems no longer exist. With clear viewpoints stated by tough methods and strong atmosphere, I describe and provoke gender discrimination as well as conservative stereotypes towards female as a gender group. Through video, photography and installation, I insist on intense and unique visual display in order to intuitively deliver my emotions and thoughts. Exaggerated face, skin and flesh are aimed to prove my existence as an Asian and as a female, which is as minority in conclusion.

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