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New York and Shanghai are concrete harbors where young Chinese artists often linger. I am one of them. With expectations and reliance, our generation idealizes these locales into artistic utopias, yet sometimes we become mere fuel in urban social scenes. Growing up under the protection of our parents' era of prosperity, shielded from the struggles of livelihood and healthcare, we however collectively develop an unarticulated generational confusion and silence about our own perplexity. Viewing from an indifferent perspective under the guise of 'seeing elsewhere' seems to dominate creators' vision, as the affluent daily life struggles to retain its value of being told. The narration and creativity of the entire era are slowly regressing, and the youth, with the awareness of ourselves being culturally eroded, attempt to preserve our unique statement with eccentric visual devices. Endless emphasis on distinct visual symbols hugely obstruct intuition of seeing. I strive to concentrate on narration itself in the most straightforward manner, rather than following the universally replicated templates masquerading as innovation. The localized experience of being excluded is a significant footnote in my life currently. Shanghai becomes a geographically and ethnically closer substitute for New York among the new generation, while simultaneously they are quite different in numerous actual aspects. Alienation is my perennial theme. My sight encapsulate the vigilant distance between me and the world. This series consists of authentic daily images I captured over approximately four years in New York and Shanghai.


Luxurious Rift 奢侈裂缝

​(in progress)

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